“Your day begins at 8pm, you hit the ATM…”

Well, I hope Eminem isn’t mad. But Pink’s record label sent me the album to listen to/discuss/possibly write about in advance of release.
Eminem — the only Ft. artist on @Pink’s #BeautifulTrauma — delivers a hilarious couple verses on “Revenge.” I actually laughed out loud.
Emimem raps: “Your day begins at 8pm, you hit the ATM in my Mercedes Benz with all your lady friends (WHORES!)”

Pink: “Wish I was a lawyer/I would sue you/Take your dog, take your house, take your shoes, take your heart.”
Listened to “Revenge” Ft. Eminem about 20x. Gets better each listen. He’s funny & charming — & Pink is friggin’ amazing.

What I mean by “charming” is there are only glimpses of the angry Eminem I think we’re more accustomed to. This is much more playful.
Eminem comes in around 2:13, is solo until 3:30 (including singing the bridge) and he & Pink duet to the end.

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